Design of a sculpture starting from a common object

UDLAP / TAR4021 / Petzold / 2020

Miguel Ordaz and Deborah Valbuena

The trap is the section of pipe that connects a sink strainer to the rest of the sanitary installation. It is where clean water, which falls from the tap, turns into dirty water. For the water, the trap is the beginning of an infinite journey through the depths of the drainage system, a place inhabited by unpleasant creatures and rotting pests. For us, the trap is what protects us from these catastrophic elements. However, the mitigating nature of the trap is also blinding, since it distances us from the water's reality after we make use of it.


What would happen if the process is reversed so that the trap becomes an exhibit of the reality of water? The Copper Giants are born from 4384 copper traps added in formal operations. They regurgitate the truth. From their jaws come jets of tinted water that speak to us about what happens after the trap, and remind us that, although we do not see it, contaminated water exists and is something that we must address.