Urban rehabilitation plan for the Historic Center of Torreon

UDLAP / Thesis (part 1) / Petzold / 2020

Driven by the economic power of industry and commerce, urban development in Torreón meant horizontal growth, decentralization, and the destruction of historical heritage. These factors were reflected in the physical condition of the Historic Center (downtown), which lost population, importance and identity, until it reached a critical state of abandonment, deterioration and insecurity.

This project seeks to find the uniqueness of the place in order to propose an urban rehabilitation plan that encourages the physical and cultural appropriation of the histpric district to rebuild its identity and strengthen its position in the fabric of the city. The plan is divided into four urban strategies that promote the habitability of the place, densify the sector and allow the coexistence of a wide diversity of activities, times and people.


  1. Link downtown Torreon with its immediate and mediate context to counteract the isolating nature of its borders.

  2. Re densify downtown Torreon to stop the expansion of the urban limits.

  3. Condition the urban environment to encourage its use at all hours of the day and support sustainable mobility.

  4. Reconstruct Torreon's identity, valuing the cultural and architectural heritage of the place.

Estrategias CHT.png