Strategic project for the urban rehabilitation of the Historic Center of Torreon

UDLAP / Thesis (part 2) / Petzold / 2020

The project responds to the singularity of the place and the evolution of the concept of the library through time.


Therefore, the new library should act as an interface between people, time, scales, systems and experiences. Its central role in the city will depend on its ability to be a meeting and communication point between various social groups, between past, present and future, between the everyday and the discovery, between the domestic and the public, between the individual and the collective, between the contemplative silence and the bustle of the exchange, between the repositorial and the inquisitive, between the preservation of tradition and the apprehension of the new, between the secular and the sacred.


The library as an interface should be a space for transitions between these apparently opposite dualities. As a result, its nature will be mediating, and will serve as a symbol of heterogeneous unity in societies that are increasingly segregated.


The project will not only function internally as a space of transitions, but will also act on an urban scale. On the one hand, this interface will articulate the current broken identity ring of the Historic Center of Torreon, and on the other, it will articulate the sector with the rest of the urban fabric.

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