Public space for La Candelaria, Bogota. 

UDLAP / Studio 4 / Petzold / 2017

Miguel Ordaz, Alfonso Bravo

First place / Competition of the X National Congress of Landscape Architecture / Society of Landscape Architects of Mexico / 2017

Tangible and intangible contrasts in La Candelaria, Bogota, shape a series of urban pieces or fragments, each with its own identity. The public space project seeks to express the fragmented nature of the place, as well as emerge as a new entity that serves as a unifying element of the sectors of La Candelaria and its people.

The project concept is structured by the following components:

1. The surface acts as the amalgam that unites the other components within the public space. 

2. The islands enclosed by the surface bring the identity of six different urban fragments of La Candelaria into the project.

3. A canal system moves water throughout the site. Its ramifications make reference to the two rivers that once flowed in the city and that were covered to make roads.

4. The marquee covering the three pavilions assumes the urban scale. Its form comes from the gable roofs of Bogota’s historic district.

5. Beneath the urban marquee, the program is developed in the pavilions, which take on the human scale.