Emergency housing

UDLAP / Studio 7 / Petzold / 2018

Miguel Ordaz, Gabriela Cruz, Santiago Cassou.

Second place / Emerging Housing National Competition / Mexico City College of Architects / 2018

When people lose their homes in the wake of a disaster, it is vital to immediately provide them with temporary shelter. The available space for the installation of these temporary homes can be very limited. For this reason, it is essential that in addition to all its technical requirements, the emergency house makes the most of the space. Building spaces that dilate and are of dual temporality is a response to this need.

To dilate refers to making something take up more space than it normally occupies. In this sense, the proposal is a module that is a compact block at first, and that when opened, creates an enlarged space of dual temporality. This way the available space is made the most of, both in the transportation of the modules and in the places of temporary location.

proceso vd.gif