National Museum of Architecture

UDLAP / Taller 8 / Petzold / 2019

Miguel Ordaz, Gabriela Cruz, Santiago Cassou 

The project inserts itself in Mexico City’s Historic Center, which can be described as a nucleus of intrinsic monumentalities due to its geographical and cosmogonic position in the territory and its living history. Therefore, the museum project is presented as a void of inherited monumentality, in direct response to the tangible and intangible singularities of the context.

The museum of architecture recognizes its urban role and is inserted in the city as a void and not as an object. This void dialogues with the dense context of Mexico City’s Center to the extent that its immateriality demonstrates the daily monumentality of the sector.

The museum's program buries itself to create a void; however, the building does not deny its inherited monumentality or urban scale. Visitors must enter the bowels of the earth in order to free themselves from the historic and physical loads of the context, so that they can discover there all the places and all the times of Mexico’s architecture.